Think for a moment about the millions of pieces of luggage that pass through our airports every year, and the conveyor systems that sort, track and move the luggage. Think about the billions of pieces of mail that are collected, sorted and distributed every year throughout the country.

Who installs this equipment and makes sure that it runs well? MBD Automation. And that’s just a sample of what we do. We also install the conveyors and sorting equipment used in retail distribution facilities and in industrial manufacturing facilities all across the country.

And for 13 years, we’ve been making quite a name for ourselves.

The New World of Automation
Since 9/11, airports have been forced to make major changes to their conveyor systems. Those changes include the installation of in-line equipment for baggage scanning and detection systems. As the new equipment is installed, the conveyor systems that interface with the equipment must also be installed or modified.

Conveyor modifications and installations typically have to be performed around ongoing airport operations and structured around tight airport rules for safety and security. The failure of a single employee or subcontractor to follow protocol can result in a terminal being shut down or in a plane being delayed. At the same time, a single piece of equipment may cost millions of dollars and be interconnected with all of the airport’s electronic security systems. A typical project is performed on a 24-hour-a-day schedule, with most of the activity taking place at night, in a high-pressure environment with no margin for error.

MBD Automation has worked in airports across the country and has never failed—never caused an airline a delay, never compromised quality. We’re proud of our record, and we’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with TSA, major airports nationwide and the nation’s largest system integrators.

The way we send and receive mail has also changed significantly. Email has reduced the quantity of flat mail, and the USPS has moved to cut costs by automating more of its flat mail systems. At the same time, major growth in bulk mail operations has changed the way mail and packages are handled, scanned, sorted and delivered.

A modern distribution facility is a technological wonder, with high-speed conveyors routing packages through laser scanners faster than the eye can follow. MBD Automation is there, having now worked in distribution facilities in 23 states, installing new scanning and conveyor systems.

Clients like the USPS need an experienced contractor that understands the security-sensitive nature of their operations. MBD Automation has earned the trust of the distribution facility managers who call us back time and again for projects large and small.

On Demand Maintenance
When your automated handling system is down ... business stops. MBD Automation has service technicians that are on call 24/7 to handle any emergency or preventive maintenance need that a company may have with their conveyor or sorting systems. We are acutely aware of the urgency of getting a company back in business immediately—and we’re prepared to handle all conveyor or sorting service needs on demand.

Budget Services
The traditional design/bid/build model is not the most cost-efficient structure for this industry. Instead, MBD Automation focuses on working closely with its clients to manage their budgets and make each project financially feasible. It’s important to work with an experienced partner that can visit your site, identify potential conflicts and inefficiencies before the design is completed, and plan ahead for operational challenges. MBD Automation understands this process from start to finish—and the importance of clear communication every step of the way. Our sophisticated online project management software allows clients to see pictures of project progress along with current documentation and updated schedules—any time, anywhere.

A new conveyor system will often require building construction or site preparation to prepare the facility to receive the new conveyor and equipment. Typical site preparation will include demolition, steel erection, mechanical construction and electrical construction. Client protocols for safety and security must be strictly observed, with all workers onsite receiving ongoing training. Because of MBD Automation’s close link to sister company MBD Construction, site construction requirements are performed seamlessly.